• The Linda School is an approved New York City Board of Education provider of special education services and special education teacher support services.
The Linda School


Our Mission

The Linda School exist to get your students the services they qualify for based on current federal and state laws and regulations governing Individuals with Disabilities.


The Linda School provides one-on-one tutoring in Math, Reading, and Writing.   read more

Charter School Services

Our staff has previous experience on NYCDOE and Charter School Leadership Teams. We create School Comprehensive Education Plans (SCEP), Coaching Teachers, Implementing highly effective RtI (Response to Interventions) Layered Systems, IEP (Individual Education Plan) Program Compliance, services for ELL (English Language Learners) and Implementing MTSS (Multi-Tiered System Supports) 1) Professional Development  2) Curriculum Design 3) PBIS 4) RtI

5) Team Building and 6) School & Community Collaboration (Family Engagement)

We Can Help

Our experience staff can guide your team through the complicated process of getting federal mandated special education services for students in need.

We Can Guide Parents Step by Step. We can take the parents of students in a simplified step by step process and follow through the myriad processes of: Initial Referral, Evaluation Process, Consent of Initial Evaluation, Independent Evaluations, Bilingual Evaluations, Guidelines for Parentally Placed Students, the  Committee on Special Education Meeting (CSE) (Questions to ask at Meeting), Rights of Parents of Children with Disabilities, and Rights to Appeal a Decision.




We Can Help

We are the Best S.E.T.S.S. Provider in NYC! The Linda School will do a pre-assessment “baseline assessment” in order to develop a Response to Intervention (R.T.I.) plan if a plan has not already been implemented. If S.E.T.S.S. are approved, our highly effective Special Education Teachers will use intensive technology infused education practices in working in conjunction with the student’s general education teacher for highly effective results.

Key Offerings

Over 25 years of combined experience teaching in New York City public and non-public schools.


Technology Intensive Lessons


Key Clients

·         Non-Public schools in Queens and the Bronx